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An Overview of Biological Dentistry and What Biological Dentists Can Do Biological dentistry is concerned about the use of holistic approach. The practices here ensure the utmost health of every individual through using nontoxic dental restoration materials. Not everybody may realize that toxic dental materials can greatly affect ones health causing harm to the human body systems, especially the immune system. This is what biological dentistry uncovers and tries to correct through an alternative and better practice. Different dental problems should not be treated using toxic materials as they can cause health problems. An amalgam filling, for instance, should be placed underwater using a specific container and only removed when applied to the patient’s tooth. This material should not be disposed together with other regular garbage because it is hazardous. This should be disposed to a dump for toxic wastes. This and still many more facts that biological dentistry is turning much attention to.
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Biological dentists come up with better treatment that has no adverse effect to human body. Powerful bio-magnets, acupressure, DAV vacuuming, intravenous sedation and intravenous Vitamin therapies are some of them. You can rely that all of these can offer positive dental results. Though, different dentists may make use of different alternative treatment methods.
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Biological dentists look into the validity and safety of most traditional dental treatments. While it is true that dentists should ensure the good condition of teeth and gums, they must also give importance to the overall health of their patients. There are actually several things that dentists should look for before applying any treatment like the nutrition factors, the cranial system and the body structure. Whatever treatment a biological dentist applies, he or she ensures that the immune system and central nervous system will not be affected. This dentistry also emphasizes the importance of proper nutrition for good dental health. They give information to their patients on the bad effects of white rice, refined sugar, processed white flour. Take note that both your body and mouth can experience detrimental effects from these. Raw vegetables and other foods that has bioflavonoid and Vitamin C can help your teeth become stronger and healthier. Root canal procedures are seen not to be effective in promoting health since they don’t actually treat the infections. Good alternative treatments in biological dentistry includes red heat lamps, sauna and colloidal silver therapy. When these don’t work, then the dentists will extract the tooth. These dentists make use of a nutritional program together with an improved dental hygiene to treat gum diseases. Baking soda and peroxide can be used instead of your regular toothpaste. Using mouthwashes that has alcohol is a no-no for biological dentists to avoid irritating the gums.

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